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Bespoke Tailoring - 

A Personal Investment



A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

The tailoring process at Hubbard tailoring combines traditional methods with a modern approach. We work with each individual client, starting with the client’s measurements. Minimal discrepancies in the client’s posture and structure are taken into account and each notation is transferred to be a bespoke paper pattern. The client selects the cloth from our range of over 2000 luxurious samples. Upon choosing the fabric the particular style that client desires is then discussed. At a later date the client returns for a mock fitting where further refinements are made. Occasionally there may be a second mock fitting before the actual suit is cut. The paper pattern is then transferred to card. During the construction process the floating canvas is attached, the lapels and chest are laboriously hand padded. Finally there is the forward fitting where minor adjustments may be made to ensure a perfect fit. Once approved the garments are all finished by hand. The entire process involves 80+ hours of labour. The suit is then ready to wear. The card pattern is labelled and stored so that any future orders can be processed in a shorter turnaround.

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